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Rational Design of Cardiovascular and Cancer Therapies Through Molecular Control of Angiogenesis

The molecular control of angiogenesis, or blood vessel growth, is critical for embryonic development, tissue regeneration, and diseases including cancer and ischemia. The long-term interest of my laboratory is to elucidate the molecular regulators of the cellular processes that occur in endothelial cells lining blood vessel walls.

We study these questions through cell-lineage specific, temporally regulatable gene expression and deletion in mice, combined with cellular, molecular, and two-photon in vivo imaging approaches. A key challenge in the study of angiogenesis is the regulation of arterial venous hierarchy. We are currently investigating the function of Notch and ephrin-B2 signaling pathways in arterial venous specification.  This work may unravel signaling cascades regulating crucial vascular pathophysiology and facilitate rational design of therapies to treat cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

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