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Yuankai Lin, Ph.D.

Yuankai Lin, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

HSW 1652, Box 0507
513 Parnassus Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94143-0507
Phone: (415)476-6820
Fax: (415)564-5698
[email protected]

Yuankai grew up in the southeastern coast of China and obtained both his B.S. degree in Microbiology and M.S. degree in Genetics from Fudan University in Shanghai, China. In 1997, he came to the United States to pursue his Ph.D. degree in Immunology at Cornell University, which he finished in January, 2002. With the discovery of two new antigen genes of the pathogen called "Ich", his dissertation research focused on the development of a DNA vaccine against "white-spot" disease in fresh-water fishes. As a postdoc in Dr. Wang's lab, Yuankai is interested in the molecular regulation of vascular tone, which controls vessel dilation and constriction in response to environmental changes.